…others tend pop up on the horizon. Its kind of like someone saying “don’t think of a red fire engine”. What happens? You think of a red fire engine!

So castles seem to be figuring larger than life in my world right now. Today I had an awesome opportunity to visit my friend Sophia West‘s “Good Knight Child Empowerment Network” castle.  http://goodknight.org Saw the artifacts. Walked the labyrinth. Visited with the staff. Brainstormed educational curriculum (vs. storming the castle!) Chatted about their new book, “When Angels Dream”. 

… and one of the highlights of the day…sitting at the round table where the knights gather. It was a fun meeting – and a chance to talk about kids, school, and how we can all do our part to help them grow and thrive! Thanks for a magical afternoon Sophia! Thanks for the amazing connection Angela!

#freeyourinnerauthor #freeyourinnerchild

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