What an amazing, whirlwind adventure at the Author Castle! Over the course of the past two days my book hit #1 best seller status in 9 categories across 5 countries, making it an international best seller, alongside 10 other authors with 9 other books which hit best seller status too!
A while back one of my mentors taught me to envision my successes usin
the mantra, “in the highest good of all things, this – or something better.” 6 months ago when I started with Angela Lauria and the Author Incubator, I visited my finished book while doing the “Creativity
Temple” meditation. I met the book in its complete form and got inspiration to help me birth the book for parents with kids in pain.

As I head back to Pittsburgh, I’m filled with the deepest
feeling of gratitude. For Angela and Paul – for sharing their home with the 10 of us. For JennMilaMaggieRobin and all the other TAI staffers, too numerous to mention, who made our launch perfectly sparkly!

And for my co-authors, now good friends: Kristina HallettCal MisenerStacey Weckstein,  Julie PierceGina CatalanoEleanor J. MillerKaley AnneBridghid McMonagleAlexandra Suzanne Greenawalt, and Kevin Snook – all best selling authors – SO grateful to have launched with you – to see your process, to read your books, and to watch you birth your own light into the world. My prayers and love are behind your work!

The 2 days were most certainly a co-created manifestation of SOMETHING MUCH BETTER!!!!

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Two days to my book launch… and I’ve landed in the DC metro area to spend a couple of days with my younger sister Betsy! And I was so excited to see that my new “business cards” had arrived…..

Lately, wherever I go there seems an opportunity to talk about the book (HELP! My Child Hates School) and the inevitable question seems to be – where can I get it…. Because my mentor, Angela Lauria at the Author Incubator uses a soft launch model to help us get the most from our book, the first stop is digital. That happens on Amazon this Thursday (get your copy for free)! The print book comes out later – mid summer. Rather than trying to explain all of that to people I meet, I thought I’d make it easy.


Even though many say they are old school – why not remake the business card into something useful? What if one were to cross a book cover with a business card? Well I decided to try that and bingo – here’s what I came up with. My cover + my new website + a plug for Amazon:

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There are so many things our modern American society has lost touch with in the name of “civilized culture” and “progress.” It is beautiful rituals like the one described below which once gave us a sense of purpose and belonging in the world as children, following us throughout a lifetime…

I’m hoping that with my new book, “HELP! My Child Hates School: An Awakened Parent’s Guide to Action” parents everywhere will begin to look and listen more deeply to their children – to see who they are at a soul level – to acknowledge the gifts that each of bring to the world. AND that parents will take mindful steps in helping their child to find an educational setting which feels fantastic – making learning a fun, joyous, and lifelong process!

There is a tribe in Africa where the birth date of a child is counted not from when they were born, nor from when they…

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…others tend pop up on the horizon. Its kind of like someone saying “don’t think of a red fire engine”. What happens? You think of a red fire engine!

So castles seem to be figuring larger than life in my world right now. Today I had an awesome opportunity to visit my friend Sophia West‘s “Good Knight Child Empowerment Network” castle. Saw the artifacts. Walked the labyrinth. Visited with the staff. Brainstormed educational curriculum (vs. storming the castle!) Chatted about their new book, “When Angels Dream”. 

… and one of the highlights of the day…sitting at the round table where the knights gather. It was a fun meeting – and a chance to talk about kids, school, and how we can all do our part to help them grow and thrive! Thanks for a magical afternoon Sophia! Thanks for the amazing connection Angela!

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